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As winter weather drives both people and pets indoors, new hazards for your wood flooring begin to arise. Here are some common causes of damage that mar beautiful wood floors during the winter and the steps you can take to make sure your investment in wood flooring doesn’t suffer preventable winter-related damage.

Potential Pet Hazards

When temperatures drop, outdoor pets spend more time indoors. However, this increases the chances for pets to have accidents within your home. Ammonia and bacteria from pet urine can ruin your floor’s finishing, discoloring the wood from its natural color.

Immediately clean accidents as they happen. If possible purchase a pee pad for your pet and train them to use it when they’re unable to go outdoors. Pee pads also keep your pets from getting muddy in slushy snow when they need to relieve themselves, keeping your home’s floors free of unnecessary moisture and mud.

Rock Salt

Rock salt is commonly used in the winter to keep roadways and pathways clear of snow. If it’s snowing outside, chances are rock salt is being spread on sidewalks and streets. Rock salt that is tracked into your home on the shoes of your family and guests can severely damage your hardwood floors.

Salt granules leave a hazy film and spotted finish on your floors. If left over time the salt will seep into your floor and erode the fine finish of your wood.

Requiring everyone to remove their boots and shoes before entering your home is the most effective way to prevent salt from getting tracked across your wood floors. If you have a mud room, take off your shoes and keep them there. If you don’t have a mud room, place a large mat in front of your front doorway or garage doorway and keep your shoes there.

Holiday Party Hazards

The winter holidays are a time for gathering, but while you’re hosting holiday parties with friends and family, increased foot traffic from guests cause damage and wear your hardwood floors. Not only can guests track in rock salt from salted roads and sidewalks, they can also bring in dirt, dust, pine needles and other outdoor debris that will scratch and wear down the surface of your wood flooring.

Additionally, spilled liquids can pose a threat, depending on what you’re serving at your party. Red wines can seep into and stain your floors along with certain juices and punches.

Safeguard your floors by providing a large welcome mat for guests to take off their shoes before entering your home. Make sure it’s large enough to accommodate all of your guests’ shoes. Immediately clean up spills as they occur with a damp cloth. After the party concludes, make cleaning up your floor the first priority by using a dry mop to wipe the entire surface of your floor clean.

Safeguard Your Floors with Ashburn Custom Floors

Contact Ashburn Custom Floors to preserve or refinish your damaged wood floors today. More than 36 years of experience has endowed our company with unparalleled experience in wood floor preservation and restoration for residential, commercial and historic buildings. We can refinish damaged floors at affordable rates while providing the attention to detail and dedicated service you deserve.

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When you choose what type of flooring you want it’s important to consider the attributes and composition of different flooring types and how they respond to wear and tear. Your choice may be different depending on the volume of traffic the area of flooring will experience.


• Pros

o Works great as insulation, keeping warm or cold drafts from travelling throughout your house and seeping into your floors

o Is excellent for condos on second floors and above as it muffles the sound of footsteps, keeping you in the good graces of tenants living below you

o Advances in carpet manufacturing have made carpets sturdier and more durable if properly maintained


o Requires routine vacuuming to keep clean, especially in areas of high foot traffic

o Stain easily and liquids that have seeped into fibers can be difficult to remove without the help of professional cleaners

o Can retain allergens and other pollutants


• Pros

o Easy to install

o Stainproof surface makes cleaning up spills a breeze

o Can be vacuumed easily to remove loose dirt and debris or mopped


o Can be slippery, making it unsuitable for people who are susceptible to falling or those with fragile bones

o Easily dented and can’t be sanded or refinished

o Areas with gouges or scratches can only be fixed by replacing them with new laminate flooring


• Pros

o Beautiful style that will add value to any home

o Extremely durable when properly cared for and can last several years

o Customizable with a variety of styles, woods, plank sizes and stains

o Relatively easy to clean by sweeping or vacuuming; can be wiped with wood cleaner

• Cons

o Can be expensive to install

o Footsteps make audible noise, which isn’t ideal for people who live in multi-story apartments or condominiums

o Retain cold easily and can potentially increase heating costs

Luxury Vinyl Tile

• Pros

o Come in a variety of unique colors and designs and can be grouted to look like ceramic or stone

o Fast and easy to install

o Durable and scratch-resistant

o Requires little maintenance

o Can be recycled

• Cons

o Can become discolored over time when exposed to direct sunlight

o Is not biodegradable

Pick Flooring That Works for You with Ashburn Custom Floors

If you’re unsure of what type of flooring will work best for your needs and in your home, Contact Ashburn Custom Floors for assistance! Our flooring experts can examine your home, analyze high-traffic areas and provide several suggestions to help you select what type of flooring will look and work best in your home.

Want to keep your existing floor? No problem! Ashburn Custom Floors specializes in floor preservation, including homes and historic buildings. Contact us today to preserve your existing floor or receive assistance on what types of flooring will work best for you in your home.

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The preservation of older, historic homes is a noble pursuit, protecting the rich history, artistry and legacy of the varying eras of residential and commercial architectural history. But sometimes preserving older estates and homes is a complex task given that preservation efforts can be easily complicated by faulty foundations and dilapidated floors.

Dilapidated or deteriorated floors can compromise the safety of a home or estate that is in the midst of preservation and can ultimately undo your efforts. Preservation experts advise rickety or old floors be restored before the preservation process begins.

Preserving Historic Wooden Floors

Older floors were generally constructed using long-lasting woods such as maple, fir and oak because they were both beautiful and sturdy.Wooden floors allowed architects to create new designs with inlays, leading to new techniques like parquet.

Preserving original wooden floors requires that traditional, historic materials be used in the preservation process that must be applied gently. Common wooden preservation methods include:

• Removing paint from hardwood floors by gently hand-scraping wood

• Applying putty to visible nail holes

• Administering semi-rigid epoxy to decayed wood and sanding the surface after it has fully hardened.

• Replacing damaged wooden boards with wood boards from another part of the home or estate such as a closet or storage room.

Preserving Historic Tile Floors

The use of tile floors in residential architecture is a time-tested technique used by dozens of cultures around the world. Tile materials vary from wood-fired clay tablets to glazed, modern ceramic tiles.

A common problem with tiles is the grout between tiles and the tiles themselves are susceptible to developing cracks as the house settles over time. Tools needed to repair these cracks include:

• A wide palette of different colored, unsanded grout

• Plywood board

• Sponge

• Plastic putty knife, 1 ½ inches

• Debris removal tool with small tip

Although you can follow a complicated step-by-step process of fixing the cracks in your grout and tiles yourself using the aforementioned tools, it’s best to let flooring restoration and preservation experts handle the job.

Ashburn Custom Floors Restoration Services

Attempting to restore or preserve historic floors on your own can easily go wrong quickly. Ashburn Custom Floors’ team of experts can provide superb natural restoration and refinishing services to preserve the antiquity of your floors, preparing your home or estate for the overall preservation process. Our team is well-versed in preservation methods with a variety of older, antiquated materials.

Ashburn Custom Floors has serviced dozens of historic businesses and estates including amphitheaters, dance floors and mansions. Contact Ashburn Custom Floors today to restore or preserve your floors so you can commence preservation efforts without worrying about compromising the foundation, integrity and legacy of your historic home, business or estate.

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Your personal aesthetic tastes are unique, and you’ve likely created a home that reflects your personal style. So why should you have to settle for the same old color options when it comes to choosing your home’s flooring? Custom colored flooring is the latest trend in home personalization, and the diverse array of today’s options open up whole new avenues of design customization you may not have realized were even possible.

Are you having a brand new home built, doing some remodeling or just want to renew the appearance of old flooring? That’s the perfect time to consider the possibilities for customizing the color of your floor, the options for which are nearly endless when you work with a company like Ashburns Custom Floors in Asheville.

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