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Hazards to Your Floor During Winter

By ashburnscus6326777, Dec 1 2016 04:55PM

As winter weather drives both people and pets indoors, new hazards for your wood flooring begin to arise. Here are some common causes of damage that mar beautiful wood floors during the winter and the steps you can take to make sure your investment in wood flooring doesn’t suffer preventable winter-related damage.

Potential Pet Hazards

When temperatures drop, outdoor pets spend more time indoors. However, this increases the chances for pets to have accidents within your home. Ammonia and bacteria from pet urine can ruin your floor’s finishing, discoloring the wood from its natural color.

Immediately clean accidents as they happen. If possible purchase a pee pad for your pet and train them to use it when they’re unable to go outdoors. Pee pads also keep your pets from getting muddy in slushy snow when they need to relieve themselves, keeping your home’s floors free of unnecessary moisture and mud.

Rock Salt

Rock salt is commonly used in the winter to keep roadways and pathways clear of snow. If it’s snowing outside, chances are rock salt is being spread on sidewalks and streets. Rock salt that is tracked into your home on the shoes of your family and guests can severely damage your hardwood floors.

Salt granules leave a hazy film and spotted finish on your floors. If left over time the salt will seep into your floor and erode the fine finish of your wood.

Requiring everyone to remove their boots and shoes before entering your home is the most effective way to prevent salt from getting tracked across your wood floors. If you have a mud room, take off your shoes and keep them there. If you don’t have a mud room, place a large mat in front of your front doorway or garage doorway and keep your shoes there.

Holiday Party Hazards

The winter holidays are a time for gathering, but while you’re hosting holiday parties with friends and family, increased foot traffic from guests cause damage and wear your hardwood floors. Not only can guests track in rock salt from salted roads and sidewalks, they can also bring in dirt, dust, pine needles and other outdoor debris that will scratch and wear down the surface of your wood flooring.

Additionally, spilled liquids can pose a threat, depending on what you’re serving at your party. Red wines can seep into and stain your floors along with certain juices and punches.

Safeguard your floors by providing a large welcome mat for guests to take off their shoes before entering your home. Make sure it’s large enough to accommodate all of your guests’ shoes. Immediately clean up spills as they occur with a damp cloth. After the party concludes, make cleaning up your floor the first priority by using a dry mop to wipe the entire surface of your floor clean.

Safeguard Your Floors with Ashburn Custom Floors

Contact Ashburn Custom Floors to preserve or refinish your damaged wood floors today. More than 36 years of experience has endowed our company with unparalleled experience in wood floor preservation and restoration for residential, commercial and historic buildings. We can refinish damaged floors at affordable rates while providing the attention to detail and dedicated service you deserve.

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