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Pros and Cons of Different Types of Flooring

By ashburnscus6326777, Dec 1 2016 04:37PM

When you choose what type of flooring you want it’s important to consider the attributes and composition of different flooring types and how they respond to wear and tear. Your choice may be different depending on the volume of traffic the area of flooring will experience.


• Pros

o Works great as insulation, keeping warm or cold drafts from travelling throughout your house and seeping into your floors

o Is excellent for condos on second floors and above as it muffles the sound of footsteps, keeping you in the good graces of tenants living below you

o Advances in carpet manufacturing have made carpets sturdier and more durable if properly maintained


o Requires routine vacuuming to keep clean, especially in areas of high foot traffic

o Stain easily and liquids that have seeped into fibers can be difficult to remove without the help of professional cleaners

o Can retain allergens and other pollutants


• Pros

o Easy to install

o Stainproof surface makes cleaning up spills a breeze

o Can be vacuumed easily to remove loose dirt and debris or mopped


o Can be slippery, making it unsuitable for people who are susceptible to falling or those with fragile bones

o Easily dented and can’t be sanded or refinished

o Areas with gouges or scratches can only be fixed by replacing them with new laminate flooring


• Pros

o Beautiful style that will add value to any home

o Extremely durable when properly cared for and can last several years

o Customizable with a variety of styles, woods, plank sizes and stains

o Relatively easy to clean by sweeping or vacuuming; can be wiped with wood cleaner

• Cons

o Can be expensive to install

o Footsteps make audible noise, which isn’t ideal for people who live in multi-story apartments or condominiums

o Retain cold easily and can potentially increase heating costs

Luxury Vinyl Tile

• Pros

o Come in a variety of unique colors and designs and can be grouted to look like ceramic or stone

o Fast and easy to install

o Durable and scratch-resistant

o Requires little maintenance

o Can be recycled

• Cons

o Can become discolored over time when exposed to direct sunlight

o Is not biodegradable

Pick Flooring That Works for You with Ashburn Custom Floors

If you’re unsure of what type of flooring will work best for your needs and in your home, Contact Ashburn Custom Floors for assistance! Our flooring experts can examine your home, analyze high-traffic areas and provide several suggestions to help you select what type of flooring will look and work best in your home.

Want to keep your existing floor? No problem! Ashburn Custom Floors specializes in floor preservation, including homes and historic buildings. Contact us today to preserve your existing floor or receive assistance on what types of flooring will work best for you in your home.

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